Senior Copywriter

Andrew is a writer with experience developing copy and strategy for companies and organizations of a wide range of sizes, missions and sectors.  The common thread across his work is his philosophy for audience-centric communication—you can’t say anything unless you first dissect the needs and mindset of the listener.

In addition to his work at Shift, Andrew teaches professional and technical writing Carnegie Mellon University, which challenges him to continually improve his skills as a communicator.

Growing up in Erie instilled and fostered Andrew’s fascination with the Rust Belt and efforts to repurpose its incredible buildings, which is one of the main reasons he loves living and working in Pittsburgh.


  • Young adult mentorship
  • Sabermetrics
  • Jeopardy and Pub Trivia
  • Using a fire extinguisher in his own kitchen


  • M.A. – Carnegie Mellon University; Professional Writing
  • B.A. – Grove City College; English and Secondary Education