AE Works


AE Works is an architecture and engineering firm in Pittsburgh that’s also a community-centric B Corporation, one of seven in town. This means they have a promise to their community to be transparent and operate as sustainably as possible (among other good things). While their clients understand who they are, the community might not. After all, engineers and architects aren’t expected to market their triple bottom line message, leave that to us creatives. Shift Collaborative was prepared for the challenge of taking the creative heart and soul of AE Works and weaving into a richly layered story told in a new brand and logo.


Shift redesigned the growing brand of AE Works to be used on the website, business cards, brochures – all the things we like to call, collateral. The logo of AE Works represents many things. They are a triple bottom line business, have core values of leadership, craftsmanship, integrity, and live in the city of three rivers to name a few. We created this logo to be used across print pieces and even wall coverings. When you have a new logo it helps to make sure your written words are just as sharp. Using The World Café methodology, we helped them refine their mission and vision to share their message of “creating a world where everyone is relevant.”


Our time with AE Works helped them refine and re-write their reason for existence helped them pave the path toward B Lab certification. Their logo is widely used across the company, helping to solidify their community inside and out. Shift was able to get at the heart of AE Works and transform its values and beliefs into an accessible experience for its stakeholders.