Center For Responsible Shale



Rebrand an organization to more fully reflect its mission and maturation

Founded in 2012, this groundbreaking nonprofit brings together leading environmental organizations and energy producers.  Committed to driving continuous innovation and improvement of shale development practices within the Appalachian Basin, the organization required an updated brand and website to reflect its growth and expanded outreach efforts.


At the core of the organization’s mission are rigorous and scientific performance standards in air, water, and land use. While obvious and very public differences exist between shale gas operators and environmental groups, they are united by basing operational decisions on sound science. This led to a new logo and typeface that evoked the look and feel of the great research labs of the the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. The overlapping, angular color bands represent the varied interest, with the rightward-facing white space speaking to a path forward through creative collaboration.  


The new logo, website, and collateral have met with wide approval from diverse internal and external stakeholders. Web traffic is up and the organization continues to garner national recognition as practical and science-based fairbroker.