Enrich Product Ionization


EPI builds systems that play hardball with Legionella bacteria. You may ask, “What is that? It sounds bad.” And it is. Living in soil and water, Legionella can cause serious lung infection when it’s inhaled through water vapor, causing the pneumonia-like Legionnaires’ disease. This is where EPI steps in with its Pittsburgh-made solution that uses potent ionization technology to destroy Legionella at its source, trumping yesteryear’s toxic methods. Our challenge? How to communicate EPI’s value and success through a website without naming any names. Legionella is not something anyone wants to be associated with.


Using information worked out from Exercise Shift with EPI, we built a new responsive website for their business based on stealth. Instead of calling out any success stories from their B2B clients that could stigmatize them, the new EPI site shares settings that benefit from EPI technology, like hospitals, businesses, industry, and hotels. We made a point to highlight what makes them the best choice in the industry, like their unique non-toxic technology and American-made piping systems, all reflected in the main logo and collateral.


Shift designed a logo using a number of contemporary elements to help EPI stand out from other industry players. The circle shape represents a pipe, with the green lining inciting energy on two ways. Not only the energy of the employees, but also for the pipe’s superhero lining of copper that ionizes the bacteria in the water. The blue tone brings the feel of pure water to the logo. Custom icons were created to represent liquid, plumbing, and an electricity bolt for ionization. Holistically, the new look and feel of EPI was translated onto elegant tradeshow banners, business cards, letterhead and product packaging. With the modern design, EPI is positioned to reflect its top-quality products uniquely in a very formal industry marketplace, but also capture the importance of their serious work. Moving forward, EPI now manages its own website.