Gtech Annual Report

Helping a local nonprofit convey the magnitude of their impact to funders and constituents


GTECH has been helping Pittsburgh communities develop green spaces and grow social enterprising since 2007, but before this year, they had never put together an annual report. They were seeking a way to get their funders and board members excited about all the great work they were doing in the community.


We developed a visually-rich custom annual report that highlighted the communities, the green spaces, and the individuals who made it all possible. The report was full of infographics that helped numbers and figures stand out and made them easily digestible for anybody who looked through it, not just people who were already experts on GTECH.


The booklets were distributed at the GTECH annual meeting, and they were also mailed to a number of investors and contributors. The report was such a hit that leftovers are still given out at GTECH tabling events to help people learn more about the event. Download the report here.