Healthy Together



In a large collaboration with the City of Pittsburgh’s Mayor’s Office, Allies for Children, Consumer Health Coalition and a number of other nonprofit organizations looked to us to pound the drum loud enough that the children who are uninsured can find coverage.


We built a campaign that would be accessible to kids by designing a logo identity, simple landing page, collateral material and stunts. We hacked the game of Operation as a way to get kids engaged in healthcare. We also created an entertaining character that resonated across all channels and we even brought him to life as a mascot. We supported the collaboration by finding important corporate sponsors to expand the campaign deep into the communities we identified where these kids live.

Through our artistic partnerships we recruited River City Brass, a brass band orchestra, to create small ensembles to roam through the communities we identified. The small ensembles replicated brass bands of New Orleans and encouraged kids to second line parade, an additional group of kids who follow the band and play along with found objects.


Enrollment went up, not only with children in our region but also adults through this larger partnership. As marching bands across the school district close, these ensembles filled the gap of an important creative outlet for urban youth.