Lawrenceville Corporation

Lawrenceville – We Love It!

The organization’s website is the go-to place for business resources and visitor information.


The organization had outgrown its website. It happens. And, when it does some of the challenges include not being able to update sections of the website, visual presentation of content starts to look antiquated, mobile responsiveness isn’t great or not there at all, user-experience is affected, and so on. Another issue was that the work of LC was not positioned well and so new folks to the site were missing out on gaining a better understanding of what all the organization does in Lawrenceville.


We began by re-visioning how information was laid out on website – a little information architecture planning. We deployed a top tasks survey to determine what was most important to visitors of the site. The survey told us that visitors too the site want information about events and shopping. Business visitors want information on resources and marketing opportunities. The homepage was designed with these visitor goals in mind.

We integrated a business directory tool and an event management tool so that organization can continue to grow it’s online resources of businesses and happenings in the neighborhood. Another element of the site is a parking map.


The organization’s brand was really fun for us to work with and extend on the website. Adding to the brand colors and developing map markers helped to build out the brand visually online. The work of Lawrenceville Corporation is well-positioned throughout the site.