Lead to the Future

Lead to the Future

Helping a business consulting company better position itself for reaching new clients and demonstrating value


Lead to the Future was struggling with the challenge of telling their own story. As a company who helps other companies set up organizational structures and succession planning, it was imperative that their value was clear to prospective clients. Founder/CEO Stephanie Olexa was often appearing at speaking events and her existing website was not helping her turn her audiences into clients as effectively as she would have liked.


It was up to Shift to help Lead to the Future develop a brand, a website, and website content that would convey the brand messages and connect with prospective clients. We reimagined the brand first, developing a logo and a brand that showed both a respect for the Lead to the Future clients’ histories and a credibility for helping them make decisions for the future.

With a brand in place, we reorganized the visual design and the page structure of the website to help educate prospects and visitors to the site about Lead to the Future’s expertise and help them envision the difference the consulting could make for their organizations. We then revised existing content and composed new content to help convey the company’s areas of expertise to new, non-expert visitors to the site with questions about their own businesses.


The website showcases the new brand and updated colors as well as the values of the company with a design that has found a balance between the future and the past. The inviting color scheme, clear and concise descriptions and direct calls to action help draw people into the website.