Lots to Love

Lots to Love

Helping a nonprofit take a new project idea and turn it into a reality


GTECH, the Greenspace Alliance, and the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of City Planning had an idea for a new web-based tool that would serve as the starting point for communities and residents seeking to make use of vacant lots in their neighborhood. But they needed everything—a name for the tool, a friendly brand that would encourage individuals and community leaders to get involved, and a site to facilitate all of it.


After some creative collaboration, we arrived at the name Lots to Love, a double entendre about the literal vacant lots that could use a little love, and the more general idea that there is a lot to love (“lots to love”) about the communities and neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. With a creative name in mind, we developed a friendly, brand with colors and shapes that would inspire thoughts of growing and planting and getting involved. This brand identity served as the framework for the interactive website itself.


The website depicts the process of taking a lot reclamation from idea to reality as a linear process. The design, coupled with creative illustrations and animations, helps shepherd visitors to the site through the process to make sure they have access to all the right resources and go through the right channels to make their idea into a reality.