Mckees Rocks


The town of McKees Rocks has its own kind of energy. Its recently renewed vibrancy needs to be shared with a wider world, but the town’s online presence kept its potential from shining through. With its own heart set in Pittsburgh, Shift felt a pull to help its sister city develop a stronger online presence. The McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation website wasn’t easy to update. This made it difficult to share the incredible story of rejuvenation in this riverfront town near The Burgh.


Shift Collaborative listened to the needs of the Community Development Corporation and was able to create the vision that McKees Rocks and Stowe Township had in mind. We created an spirited website with beautiful images to highlight the up and coming areas of “The Rocks.” A newsfeed shares real-time community information, and a timely social media plan is helping the lively city share its one-of-a-kind vision.


When it’s easy to find something and what you see attracts you, you’re more likely to stay a little longer. Shift was able to create better search results so the new website would be more easily found. The McKees Rocks Development Corporation is experiencing a boon of activity thanks to a clean and engaging web presence. McKees Rocks is seeing more website interaction overall, better attendance at events, and are strengthening relationships with their community who now have a new online home base for their timeless city.