Grassroots startups and community building go hand-in-hand in the city of Pittsburgh. New Sun Rising: MODE is a brand new social impact incubator that works with communities that want to bring fresh and creative solutions to social problems. But before they had a name or program logos, they were looking for help to visualize the feel of their brand. The stage was set, enter Shift Collaborative.

New Sun Rising is the contemporary kid on the incubator block. Shift went for clean, uncluttered and energetic in designing their look and feel, what we like to call the emotional connection. There is nothing more emotional than being an organization that helps others achieve their dreams, and developing the Launch, Growth, and Ignite MODE identities had to capture that. We designed icons for the webpage that have a creative and grassroots appeal, along with a program logos designed to inspire the hearts of community builders.

In a new organization, buy-in is key. MODE rallies staff and program applicants around a single visual identity that encourages creativity and courage. When you get many minds working as one under a single banner, you get a stronger following everywhere else. Our logos and branding help MODE make their mark in the Pittsburgh community on business cards, graphic textures for accents, and anything MODE could need to solidify their presence in the The Burgh.