PDP Annual Report 2015

Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

Channeling excitement and success in an annual report


Convey the excitement and dynamism of the organization’s successes in its annual report while respecting established brand standards.


We developed a custom publication that extolled on-going programs while highlighting new and high profile events and achievements like the wildly successful Picklesburgh culinary festival.

The report featured custom infographics that helped numbers and figures stand out and made them easily digestible for anybody who looked through it, not just people who were already downtown aficionados.  Additional branded elements include a program, PowerPoint, and signage for its annual meeting.

A saddle-stitched 4X4  overcover provided much-needed tactile and visual interest and included a snapshot of vital statistics.


The reports were distributed at the organization’s annual meeting. The PDP’s stakehodlers were impressed with the fresh, lively design and served as a vital communication tool that reassured these important constituents that the organization remained committed and energetic in its efforts.