Smallman Galley

Cynthia Closkey

Smallman Galley

Helping two entrepreneurs navigate unfamiliar waters


Ben and Tyler are two recent Navy veterans with a lot going for them: a Big Idea, a compelling business plan, strong financial backing, and enough energy to fuel the Sixth Fleet. What they needed was a name, a brand, a visual identity, a website, a marketing plan, and a media relations strategy for Pittsburgh’s first-ever restaurant incubator.


exerciseShift was the first step, in which through our trademark discovery process we unearthed these energetic entrepreneur’s thematic, language, and visual preferences Building on that work, we named and branded the new enterprise Smallman Galley, launched its MVP website in two weeks, and developed every last one of its earned, owned, and paid communication strategies and tactics.


Everything’s going swimmingly. Or ship-shape if you prefer. Let’s look at the numbers: A total of 26 well-qualified chef applicants are under active consideration for one of their four coveted kitchen spots, more than 4,000 unique visitors have explored, and nearly $39,000 worth of coverage in the region’s premier print, online, TV, and radio outlets that is generating extreme interest ahead of the big December 15th grand opening.

Here is a segment we landed on Pittsburgh Today Live with the Chefs. View more Smallman Galley in the news here.