Buying online success

Seth Godin looks at retail promotion in the real world and online (“Powerful (and powerless) merchants“) and says that promotion techniques that we have become used to ┬áin offline retail don’t transfer well online. When we shop in the real world, we take it for granted that end caps and promotions and speed tables and other interactions will not be … Read More

Google’s interest-based advertising: what it means for advertisers

I wrote yesterday about what Google’s Interest-Based Advertising will mean for web users, particularly as regards the ads people will see, the information that will be collected, and the privacy implications. But what does it mean for advertisers? AdWords Help includes a few help questions and answers about interest-based advertising, to help advertisers get up to speed. Here’s the key … Read More

Google’s new interest-based advertising: what it means for consumers

Google is adding a new kind of advertising to its ad network: Interest-Based Advertising, also sometimes known as “behavioral targeting.” Other companies like Yahoo and AOL already offer similar systems. Google says that advertisers have been requesting interest-based ads for some time, and that this system allows advertisers to more effectively target people who want the items and services offered … Read More