Who Is Shift 

Shift Collaborative is a creative agency that helps businesses and nonprofits solve marketing and communication challenges.

We offer a full range of marketing and creative services, as well as event strategy and fundraising consultation. We collaborate with clients on projects large and small, providing creative solutions to challenging problems and issues. 

At Shift, we have the freedom to be creative and to see that our work makes a difference. Each team member is challenged to adhere to a high standard and to stretch their abilities, in a supportive atmosphere that encourages risk-taking. Team members have direct contact with clients, meaning each contributor can hear true feedback and sell their concepts and solutions. We work across disciplines: Each person collaborates not only with people who share their skill sets, but also with others with other skills, perspectives, and experience.

We’re an interesting bunch. Shift people are well travelled, have lived and worked for ourselves, for big companies and small, and for other agencies. We have personal passions and interests outside of work, and we’re involved in the community — individually and as part of Shift. We bring this range of diverse experience to work every day.

Design the world around you. Shift the way people think.

Fellowship Program

Shift Collaborative hosts a Fellowship program in various areas of the creative industries – communications, graphic design, market research, and web development.

Here is a list of Fellowship opportunities. Click on the fellowship title for a description.

Digital Marketing Fellow

Market Research Fellow

Graphic Design Fellow

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Shift Collaborative does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or familial status, physical or mental disability or legal source of income.