Personalize Marketing with the Users in Mind

Stephanie SunMarketing Strategy

User experiencing personalized marketing on devices

Personalized marketing is a useful marketing strategy that effectively uses data to create tailored user experiences on various channels. The concept of personalized marketing is not new, but it is changing marketing to improve the customer experience and making businesses more profitable.

No need for ice breakers, you have data! Getting to know your audience using Google Analytics

Kelly CurrieGeneral, Market Research, Measurement

A well-developed, user-centric strategy leans on data. With the right tracking in place, information on the demographics of people visiting your site, how they find it, and what they do while on your website is powerful information.  Google Analytics (GA) is one tool that can shed light on these aforementioned insights, and more. In fact, GA provides so much information … Read More

What does it mean to be a sustainably-minded marketer?

Sarah MayerDo Good, Marketing Strategy

sustainability in marketing image with maze font

You might be thinking “sustainable marketing” — that’s an oxymoron. It seems unlikely that sustainability and marketing can coexist. Product companies use marketing to coax consumers to buy the things they make, and then the companies make more things, and consumers buy the things again. And so the cycle continues, and it doesn’t typically involve caring about the long-term health … Read More

Celebrating Women-Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

Stephanie SunCommunity, Do Good, General

Shift celebrates Pittsburgh women-owned businesses

Shift Collaborative is proud to be a women-owned business in Pittsburgh. To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, we are sharing this list of 12 women-owned businesses in Pittsburgh that we love. Shop small, shop local, and support women-owned businesses in the ‘burgh!

Paid Search: Tools for Finding the Right Keywords

Kelly CurrieMarket Research, Marketing Strategy, PPC


Heading into the holiday season online visibility is top of mind for store owners. Consumers will be doing their gift buying mostly online this year, so being in tune with user search behavior can make a big impact for a paid search campaign. Here are some recommended tools to help get you aligned for success!

Physical Distancing: Work Apart

Anthony CloskeyGeneral

work together apart

This final post for this series applies our design expertise to inform how to create and collaborate over distance. We are students of good meetings and the creative process. Most design work begins with empathy for people and understanding their experience and circumstances.

Physical Distancing: Show Compassion

Anthony CloskeyGeneral

show compassion

Everything is different. Many products are more relevant in a crisis and when people are social distancing/physical distancing. Even if you can continue to conduct business as usual, you must adjust your marketing strategy and your message while others’ lives are in turmoil.

Physical Distancing: Stay Safe

Anthony CloskeyGeneral

stay safe

In a more normal state of affairs, businesses work hard to communicate core values to employees and customers. In this state of emergency, those values are simply being revealed and people are paying attention. Among the best things you can do is to show that your organization values the health and safety of employees and the needs of their families.

Why We Celebrate International Women’s Day

Anthony CloskeyGeneral

To celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020, we wanted to take inspiration from the uplifting ladies at Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh and articulate what IWD means to each of us. These are the reasons why we celebrate.

Your Meetings Don’t Have to Suck

Anthony CloskeyCommunications, Design

Meetings have a nasty reputation as 30-to-90-minute wastes of time. Meetings also come with a human cost. They poke holes in your daily workflow and detract from your focus. But, this doesn’t have to be your reality — your meetings don’t have to suck!