Communicate Visually to Create a Rich Connection

Press Event Management

News conferences, major announcements, grand openings, ribbon cuttings – creative media events can galvanize attention and drive interest in our short-attention-span era.

Media Relations

Strategic, thoughtful, and professional outreach to print, online, TV, and radio editors and journalists remains the keystone of successful communication efforts, either as a stand-alone tactic or, more likely, as part of a larger traditional marketing or social media campaign.

Crisis Communications

When companies, organizations, and individuals are victimized by bad press, they trust us to get their side of the story straight and get it out fast to the right media.



Telling your story in your way that attracts people to support your cause financially is important to be sustainable. We have decades of experience working with non-profit organizations that need support with foundations relations, corporate sponsorships, annual giving campaigns or individual giving strategies. But our fundraising support does not only live in the non-profit sector. We provide guidance for social for-profit ventures to seek financial support in a variety of ways through partnerships, private investments or programming.

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