At Shift, we assemble teams of bright individuals with the right skill sets for the job at hand. We will be a cohesive unit working with you, your staff, and your stakeholders to create and implement services that meet your goals for today, with room to grow into tomorrow.

The following approach is one we use for all of our projects.


To solve complex challenges, we go into the trenches with you. Discovery is about listening to our client and any stakeholder with the potential to inform the process. The outcome is a solid foundation of information related to the project and an understanding of the factors that affect communications efforts including financial, political, and timing issues. We implement our exerciseSHIFT, a curated collaborative experience that helps solve complex communication problems.



Research can be quantitative or qualitative. Both are valuable. External resources such as case studies and industry research will be used. In addition, evaluation results from user testing, stakeholder interviews, online surveys may be used.


By this stage, the strategy and tactics are clearly outlined and signed off upon; now we assemble the resources and get to it. Once in this phase, we keep our clients involved and informed every step of way through tools like Mavenlink, plus weekly check-ins and emails.

Test + Adjust

In this phase we outline clear goals to measure success, and put mechanisms in place to gather and analyze data. Your feedback to the initial few weeks of the website being live will drive any necessary adjustments to the site.


We developed a proprietary program that helps solve complex communications problems and builds consensus around an idea.  We built modules and plug them into an exercise to be delivered with a diverse group of participants. In the exercise, you move around the space, share ideas, listen and learn from others. The modules help solve messaging, branding, design concepts, into a collective collaborative way where everyone feels like they have a voice.

Included in exerciseSHIFT is World Cafe, a renowned program leading collaborative dialogue and knowledge-sharing, particularly for larger groups. The World Café approach to strategic dialogue, multi-stakeholder engagement, multi-generational collaboration, and cooperative action has been embraced by thousands of people in various settings from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, to North and South America.

If you would like a tutorial of the exerciseSHIFT process, would like to be trained to implement exerciseSHIFT on your own, or learn more how we implement World Cafe please contact us, click here.