20 Presence Management Chores *for Business* You COULD Do Every Day

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A few weeks back, new media marketer extraordinaire Chris Brogan shared ideas and suggestions for maintaining a personal presence online. (“19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day“) The list is dense and ambitious, but the time you put into this kind of effort pays off.

If you’re charged with maintaining the social media presence of a company, the list still holds great value, but it might need a bit of translation. When you speak for your company or for a brand, you’re stepping outside your individual persona, and your actions should reflect that. This is also true if you maintain separate online presences for your personal self and your work self.

Here’s my take on key online presence management chores for a company or brand. Continue reading

Getting unstuck


Chris Brogan recently posted “20 Blog Topics to Get You Unstuck” — a list of brainstorming ideas to help one get past writer’s block.

Although he aimed this at bloggers, it would be equally useful in thinking of topics for a newsletter to customers and clients, or for an internal newsletter.

Another useful technique is to keep an open file for quickly jotting ideas when you come across them. A bookmarking tool like Delicious is perfect for this — create a tag like mytopics, and mark the bookmark as private if you want to collect your thoughts before sharing it.

At Big Big Design, we’ve recently started using Evernote for tracking thoughts and ideas. This is even more private that Delicious, and I love the iPhone app.

If you’re blogging, use a blogging tool like ScribeFire (Firefox plugin), to start a new draft of a post and keep the relevant links.

But really, you can just have an open text editor window sitting on your desktop. Click, click it’s open; jot the idea, paste in a link to remind yourself where you got the idea (so you can cite your source); and then get back to what you were really working on. When you’re ready to write, you’ve got a ready set of ideas at your fingertips.

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