“Pick 8 blogs”: how to be a better online publicist

Lindsay Robertson, a freelance writer in New York, published an excellent list for publicists who want to connect with bloggers: “The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Publicity, For Some Reason.” It’s well worth reading and following this entire list of tips. So often we emphasize what not to do when connecting with bloggers, so I love that this post highlights … Read More

Getting unstuck

Chris Brogan recently posted “20 Blog Topics to Get You Unstuck” — a list of brainstorming ideas to help one get past writer’s block. Although he aimed this at bloggers, it would be equally useful in thinking of topics for a newsletter to customers and clients, or for an internal newsletter. Another useful technique is to keep an open file … Read More

Mayday! The benefits of asking for help

Asking for help and incorporating what other can do for you will make you more productive, but will also open up perspectives and points of view that you might not have possessed previously. Asking for help also creates an obligation for you to return the favor or at least be available to help others. This creates a sense of shared … Read More