Upcoming: “Nonprofit Blogging for Profit”

Cynthia CloskeyEvents

I’m teaching another course in the CCAC Nonprofit Academy, this one titled “Nonprofit Blogging for Profit.”

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the ways that blogging can benefit your organization — it’s a fantastic complement to your existing outreach and community-building efforts. I’ll show you how to go about planning a blog and give you a range of options for setting one up.

It’s a three hour workshop, and we’ll be as hands-on as possible. By the end of the session, you’ll have a clear plan for how to get started and how to measure success to bring the rest of your organization on-board.

(If you attended my “Blogging for Business” session at PodCamp Pittsburgh 5, you’ll find that this workshop is updated and expanded from that, and has a close focus on nonprofits. That session received very positive feedback, so we can build on its success!)

When: Wednesday, May 25, 6-9pm
Where: CCAC Allegheny Campus
Fee: $75
Course section: XGM-719-58701

To register, sign up at the CCAC website.