Webinar: Blogging for Business – April 27

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With so many kind of social media and online networks, is good ol’ blogging still useful for business? Yes! This webinar, intended for independent professionals and business owners, will cover the basics of why and how to create a blog for business, and then how to go beyond the basics to make something amazing. Why blog, how to start, where to find content, how to connect it with other marketing and business processes, and where to find help (especially free resources).

Presenter: Cynthia Closkey, President of Big Big Design

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Blogging for Business
Wednesday April 27
11:00am EDT
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A few notes about this webinar: It will be a 45 minute seminar, including time for questions. I’ll be covering some of the same information from my session of the same name at Pittsburgh PodCamp 5, but updated for 2011.

How will this webinar compare with the course I’m teaching in May at CCAC, “Nonprofit Blogging for Profit“? Well, the CCAC course will be longer — three hours long — and will include hands-on application of some of the topics covered. And it will focus on special needs of nonprofits.