Why We Celebrate International Women’s Day

Anthony CloskeyGeneral

To celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020, we wanted to take inspiration from the uplifting ladies at Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh and articulate what IWD means to each of us. These are the reasons why we celebrate – why do you?

Sarah Mayer, Partner + Owner

It does not feel good to be paid less than a male counterpart for the same work. It’s an awful feeling to speak and to not be heard. It’s hurtful to be told what to do with your body. And yet, this is the state of affairs for many women in the world. As a small business owner, I am responsible for leveling the playing field, for encouraging employees to speak their minds, and for providing equal opportunities for all. It’s 2020 folks, if not now then when?

Cynthia Closkey, Partner + Owner

Women’s equality can’t wait. Women cannot wait, and the world cannot wait. The challenges we face — as individuals, communities, and nations — require all of us to work together, using everything we have. And we can bring our full selves only when we can trust we’ll be accepted, supported, and valued.

Anthony Closkey, Design Strategist

There is no justice for anyone until there is justice for everyone. It is important to call out privilege and injustice. Today and every day I celebrate the courage and strength of the disadvantaged and threatened within my community, and those facing overwhelming cruelty around the world.

Caitlin Cesa, Communications Assistant

The difference in treatment between women and men starts when we’re just girls and boys. Girls are commanded to cover their shoulders at school to avoid distracting their male classmates. The discrimination continues through our early adulthood, as we’re subjected to catcalling and intimidated into following the buddy system any time we go out after the sun sets. And the inequity never truly ends. Women hold the largest share of student debt in the United States. Even the right to our own bodily autonomy can be taken from us. And we’re tired of it. It’s time for change.

Kelly Currie, Digital Marketing Manager

Social and economic policies historically formed around the male breadwinner disadvantage everyone.  Putting gender equality at the center should be in the interests of all. It’s time to stop doing things just because we’ve always done them that way.

Ruby Kelly, Graphic Designer

If we do the work of fighting for gender equality now, then today’s little girls will likely experience far less discrimination in their futures and will also be equipped with the necessary confidence to face any injustices that may come their way. It’s only once both men and women move forward trusting one another that there can be true equality, and that trust must be built starting with the children of today.

To learn more about International Women’s Day, check out their website.