27 Twitter tips — not just for musicians anymore

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

From musicradar.com, “27 engaging Twitter tips for musicians” that are great advice for non-musicians as well — anyone hoping to use Twitter for professional or business purposes would benefit:

1. Have an objective

What do you want to achieve? If you want to widen your fanbase by building a Twitter community around yourself, talk about making music and eventually try to take over the world, you’ve come to the right place. Knowing what you want is half the battle, stick to the following and you’ve a great chance of achieving it!

2. Be descriptive


Choose an appropriate username, don’t call yourself @TheDarkKnight if your band is called Loose Change. Provide as much information in the bio section as you can, believe it or not, people will read it, as you should read theirs!

3. Get to know your audience

People fill their bios in for a reason, read them, see what they’re into and talk about it. That way you will!

4. Engage with your followers

Trent reznor

The golden rule. Don’t just talk about yourself, take an interest in everyone else. Reply to messages and be as personal as possible. If it’s good enough for Trent Reznor!

Read the full post at musicradar.com.

(Thanks to Venangago-gofor highlighting the post.)