Dan Tompkins

Web Developer

There’s an intimate link between Daniel’s background in architecture and his passion for Web development. As a result, his experience as a front-end developer follows an odd trajectory.

His undergraduate in architecture provided a comprehensive education in designing visual layouts and story-telling through diagrams, drawings and renderings. Then, he had a friend introduce him to Web design and programming.

Over time, all the visual tools Daniel once used to convey an environment, a space, or an experience have translated to the skills that he now employs in designing and composing experiences online.

These digital experiences have a different dimension, but they’re still very much rooted in Daniel’s first foray with design in architecture.

Daniel loves to learn, invent and share his interests online. When he’s not contributing new articles to his design and technology blog, you can probably find him tinkering with electronics in his home studio (garage) in Greenfield— a “Fine Residential Community” in Pittsburgh, PA.


  • Creative Coding
  • Art and Design
  • Wood-Working and Fabrication


  • Harvard University, Master in Design Studies
  • Cornell University, Bachelor of Architecture