Cheers! News and celebrations for our clients

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

Girl Friends Dancing in Their School Gym
Photo Credit: adwriter

Our clients have been up to big things lately, and we’re excited too:

iTwixie, the ultimate handout for tween girls, is having a launch party tonight in Pittsburgh at the Hard Rock Cafe. Live music, munchies, goodie bags, and fun for tween girls, their families, and friends. If you’re in the area, check out the details and come along.

Smart Futures, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit working to make career education a part of every Pennsylvania classroom, has started a new year on online career mentoring for students through PA eMentoring. If you are an adult — working or retired — who can volunteer 30 minutes a week, you can help guide a high school age youth through choices about careers. It’s a guided program, and you participate from the convenience of your computer. Find out more at the PA eMentoring website.

Suzanne Mauro, our favorite fashionista and online style maven, has been branching out and offering guidance to executives. She’s contributed a chapter to a new book, Executive Image Power; her focus is looking your best on video, whether it’s a promotional video on a website, a podcast, or an appearance on broadcast television. Find info on the book on Suz’s website.