Client site launch: Duffy’s Pet Care

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

Home page of the Duffy's Pet Care website

Mary Ann Brookes has managed her pet grooming and boarding business, Duffy’s Pet Care, for many years. But she looks continually for ways to expand the business and provide better service for her clients.

When she came to us with ideas for a website, we wanted to make sure the site highlighted her expertise. We built in a pet care knowledgebase, which she’ll add to each month.

She can also use the News feature to spotlight new products and services, as well as season-focused ideas.

The home page puts the clients in the center literally, with a spotlight photo of a client.

Mary Ann and her husband, Dave, are fun and friendly people with a whimsical sensibility. To reflect that, we commissioned our multi-talented friend Rachel Arnold Sager to create animated animals for the home page. The illustration style and charming animation add just the right touch.