Client site launch: One-Woman Show

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

Screenshot of One-Woman Show

I’ve known Susan Courtad for several years, ever since she enrolled in Fat Plum‘s Book Boot Camps to get feedback and guidance on the novel she’d been working on. She’s a smart and funny writer (and a fabulous person), so when she started blogging last year I wasn’t surprised to find she’s a smart and funny blogger too.

This year, as she wrapped up work on that novel and prepared to query agents and find a publisher, she decided to move her blog from the free WordPress hosting to her own website, where she could have greater control of the content. She asked us to create a site that would fit her writing and her personal style, as well as the theme of her novel.

To give the site a distinctive and unique look, we called on the talented illustrator Rachel Arnold Sager. Rachel took the juggling concept (a major theme of Susan’s novel, which she’d reinforced on the blog) plus a couple of recent photos of Susan, and created a sassy, sexy, fun character who’s doing her best to keep everything under control and (mostly) succeeding.

The new site — One-Woman Show — is also flexible and resilient, so Susan can add new pages and features as needed — such as when her novel is published and ready for sale!