Cynthia on Awesomecast #187: Chasing the Podcasting Dragon

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

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I had the tremendous good fortune to be a guest on the Awesomecast podcast this week, talking tech with host Michael Sorg, regular John Chichilla, and fellow guest Hutch Bailie Jr.

We talk about Netflix and the Netflix Drone Youtube video.
We discuss the WWE Network.
We discuss streaming devices and apps in general.
We talk Samsung’s Gear and the future of Samsung.
We talk Vmix and what their product can do for your greenscreen.
We talk security flaws in iOS and MAC OS X SSL systems.
We talk about some popular apps like WhatsApp.
We discuss Disney Movies Anywhere!
Chichilla tells us what is coming up next in the world of technology!

You can see the whole episode here:

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