Find Your Voice: A Content Management Workshop

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

Yesterday I spoke at the Steel City Solutions Conference, an all-day conference for nonprofits held by HandsOn Tech and Pittsburgh Cares.

My topic was how to develop a content strategy and use it in your communication, particularly your website and social networks but also throughout your internal and external communication.

As I so often do, I crammed a lot of information and a whirlwind hands-on exercise into too little time, but the folks who attended said they got a lot from the session all the same.

Here are my slides from the talk.

UPDATE: The slideshow has a slide for a messaging architecture example that isn’t part of the show. Here’s that example: Sample Message Strategy (Word doc).

Maybe the most useful part of my slideshow is the next-to-the-last slide, which gives the resources I used in putting the talk together. Here’s that info:

Content strategy credits:
Margot Bloomstein
Book: Content Strategy at Work
Presentation: Secrets of a Brand-Driven Content Strategy Workshop

Conversion funnel credits:
Dalia Lasaite
Post: “How to Create Better Content Using the Conversion Funnel Approach

Super-great content strategy info:
Wojciech Chojnacki
Post: “Content Is All That Matters on the Web

My session was in the Most Wanted Fine Art gallery in Garfield. The place was a little warm, but it was a great venue all the same, and what I could see of the art works there was quite neat. I’d recommend checking them out as well.