The joys of not always being on-message in your blog

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

Jenna McGuiggan at The Word Cellar shares a sweet and thoughtful post about how blogging can be surprisingly loaded.

Remember when blogging first became a craze and everyone was doing it and everyone was reading everyone else and there was no Twitter or Facebook or Buzzfeed quizzes to find out which cheese/shoe/fictional character you were? There was only your “feed reader” with dozens (or hundreds) of blogs that you tried to check every week. And we were all writing (and reading) about each others’ lunch and heartbreak.

I say “everyone,” but blogging was still new enough that it wasn’t the pervasive thing it is now, and to be a “blogger” was still an interesting or odd or embarrassing or empowering label. Remember that?

Read her full post: “Lunch and Heartbreak.”

This post has particular weight for me right now, as I’ve been struggling to keep blogging and writing newsletters, and generally sharing what I have to share, all through this summer. Often I blame the time-crunch of work and life, but fear that a post won’t be up to snuff is the real culprit. So here’s to overcoming fear and rules and just posting what calls out to be shared.

Photo credit: “What no one ever tells you about blogging” by andyp_uk on Flickr