Livescribe on Twitter

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

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This screen shot illustrates the conversations you could be starting with not only your existing customers, but also potential customers.

With Twitter, Livescribe is participating in useful question and answer, ad they’re broadcasting their smart, user-centric product development to the public.

Livescribe makes smartpens. The pens record what you hear while you write. Touch something you wrote and the pen plays back that moment of the audio recording. Check out the power and potential in an amazing flash playback here.

I heard of them from Kathleen Danielson. She’s a student who started using one a month ago and seems pleased. I don’t use a Livescribe pen — not yet — but I started following Livescribe on Twitter because it looked like a cool gadget. I have since been impressed with how the development of the technology has played out in Livescribe’s conversations with real users.

Livescribe, like Twitter itself, is essentially a tool for easily recording bits of information about what we’re doing, from multiple sources, and linking them together for playback, search, and sharing with others. These kinds of technologies are limited only by their users’ creativity.