No need for ice breakers, you have data! Getting to know your audience using Google Analytics

Kelly CurrieGeneral, Market Research, Measurement

A well-developed, user-centric strategy leans on data. With the right tracking in place, information on the demographics of people visiting your site, how they find it, and what they do while on your website is powerful information.  Google Analytics (GA) is one tool that can shed light on these aforementioned insights, and more. In fact, GA provides so much information … Read More

Paid Search: Tools for Finding the Right Keywords

Kelly CurrieMarket Research, Marketing Strategy, PPC


Heading into the holiday season online visibility is top of mind for store owners. Consumers will be doing their gift buying mostly online this year, so being in tune with user search behavior can make a big impact for a paid search campaign. Here are some recommended tools to help get you aligned for success!

Natural Product Expo: Product Reviews

Shift CollaborativeGeneral, Market Research

Jalapeno chips

The amount of free samples and giveaways from the Natural Product Expo loaded us with lots of strange and wonderful treats. As an opportunity to challenge our Writing Team, we all took a product and found creative ways to write a product review. Have fun reading some of the interesting ways we decided to review some peculiar products. BRAD’s Veggie … Read More

PUMP Brand Refresh: Elevating a Storied Brand

Shift CollaborativeBranding, Communications, Design, Market Research

PUMP logo

At Shift Collaborative, we love creating brand identities because it’s a chance for our whole team to get together and contribute to something meaningful that will be visible in our community. We were especially eager to work on a new brand identity for the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project, or PUMP as it is known to most in the Pittsburgh community. … Read More

Visual Best Practices For Presentations

Shift CollaborativeBranding, Design, Market Research


by Therese Joseph, Shift PR Fellow So you’ve been working on this project. It’s practically consuming your life. At least, it seems that way sometimes. Luckily, you are near the end, and you are so relieved until you realize this means you need to create a presentation. Suddenly, panic ensues. There’s so many questions to consider. What colors do you … Read More

Food Psychology: Details can Alter Taste Perception

Shift CollaborativeMarket Research, Marketing Strategy


by Shift Fellow, Justina Eng When we enjoy a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, it isn’t just the food that makes it “fancy”— the candlelit ambience, crisp white linen, shiny silverware, thick ceramic plates, and elegant glassware not only enhance and heighten your restaurant experience, but also the taste of your dish. These seemingly insignificant details play an important … Read More