Straight from the Customer’s Mouth: How Customer Testimonials Can Win Sales

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From Startup Journal: “Winning Sales Through Customer Testimonials” by Sarah Needleman.

Mr. Welsh recruited one of Expensewatch’s first customers, a director of finance at a Texas manufacturer, who had sent a complimentary email about its products. The executive presented a 20-minute speech, accompanied by an online demo Expensewatch created. About 75 participants called in.

The conference calls are now done monthly. Mr. Welsh says Expensewatch didn’t track the number of participants who became customers, but the number of clients has increased to 76 from about 30 since the calls began two years ago. First-time customers often mention them, he adds.

If you’re thinking of using customer testimonials like this, consider a monthly podcast interview as well — easy for potential customers to listen to, without the requirement of scheduling time to listen.