Why be social?


I spoke on a panel for Leadership Butler County today, talking about social media.

This is a great panel every year, with Joe Taylor of Armstrong and Keith Graham of the Butler Eagle each talking about their respective media.

Why be social cover image

You can download my presentation as a Keynote file or a PDF with presenter notes. Feel free to use and share; kindly link back to this post when you do.

Why be social? (PPT format)

Why be social presenter notes (PDF format)

Credit for the cool image of social media words I used for the cover goes to Daniel Iversen, on Flickr.

Are you social? Why? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Find Your Voice: A Content Management Workshop

Find Your Voice: A Content Management Workshop


Yesterday I spoke at the Steel City Solutions Conference, an all-day conference for nonprofits held by HandsOn Tech and Pittsburgh Cares.

My topic was how to develop a content strategy and use it in your communication, particularly your website and social networks but also throughout your internal and external communication.

As I so often do, I crammed a lot of information and a whirlwind hands-on exercise into too little time, but the folks who attended said they got a lot from the session all the same.

Here are my slides from the talk.

UPDATE: The slideshow has a slide for a messaging architecture example that isn’t part of the show. Here’s that example: Sample Message Strategy (Word doc).

Maybe the most useful part of my slideshow is the next-to-the-last slide, which gives the resources I used in putting the talk together. Here’s that info:

Content strategy credits:
Margot Bloomstein
Book: Content Strategy at Work
Presentation: Secrets of a Brand-Driven Content Strategy Workshop

Conversion funnel credits:
Dalia Lasaite
Post: “How to Create Better Content Using the Conversion Funnel Approach

Super-great content strategy info:
Wojciech Chojnacki
Post: “Content Is All That Matters on the Web

My session was in the Most Wanted Fine Art gallery in Garfield. The place was a little warm, but it was a great venue all the same, and what I could see of the art works there was quite neat. I’d recommend checking them out as well.

Finding Your Voice: Post Workshop Materials


Vine of cardsorting exercise courtesy E.Louis Larson

What a lot of good discussion and hands-on work we had at the Finding Your Voice: A Social Media Content Development Workshop, hosted by HandsOn Tech, part of Pittsburgh Cares, and Google Pittsburgh.

I hope you found the presentation and the card sorting exercise helpful, and I hope you’re inspired to take what you learned back to your organization.  

As promised, below are links to the presentation slides and to resources you can reference to develop your content strategy.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Margot Bloomstein’s Content Strategy at Work — it’s a fun and helpful read, and it gives you the tools to lead your team to find your organizational voice and to build and execute your content strategy. Let us know how it goes!

(If you’d like the help of impartial facilitators to guide your team through the exercise, give us a call.)

Presentation Deck


Don’t forget about the upcoming social media events at HandsOn Tech.

If you want to know more about the online marketing services we offer at Big Big Design, you can read about them here, or please contact us. We’d love hear from you.

Finding Your Voice: A Social Media Content Development Workshop

Finding Your Voice: A Social Media Content Development Workshop


Say anything

Are you a registered Pittsburgh nonprofit that wants to connect your mission with your audience through social media?  Do you want to engage on Twitter or Facebook, but you’re not quite sure what to say?

Join Big Big Design’s own Cynthia Closkey for a content development workshop hosted by HandsOn Tech Pittsburgh and Google Pittsburgh.  HandsOn Tech, part of PittsburghCares, was created to help Pittsburgh nonprofits use technology effectively and efficiently so they can focus and succeed in their missions.

Registered nonprofits can sign up for this April 17th event at Bakery Square.  Hope to see you there!