Blog Syndication Refresher

With the impending demise of Google Reader, I decided it was time to check my personal blog syndication setup to make sure my posts were being pushed to my favorite social media outlets.

Buying online success

Seth Godin looks at retail promotion in the real world and online (“Powerful (and powerless) merchants“) and says that promotion techniques that we have become used to  in offline retail don’t transfer well online. When we shop in the real world, we take it for granted that end caps and promotions and speed tables and other interactions will not be … Read More

Results versus hype: can small businesses realize value from social media?

An article in the Wall Street Journal last week (“Entrepreneurs Question Value of Social Media,” Sarah E. Needleman, WSJ 3/15/2010) said that a recent study showed that small firms were having mixed results in their use of social media. In and among the survey results, the article gives several examples of companies seeing a positive ROI on their social media … Read More

Handling negative chatter on Twitter

Short and clear report from the Wall Street Journal on how companies can and should react when they notice negative posts on Twitter, and on blogs and other social media. Here are what I see to be the key points:

The 6 Types of Social Media Sites

In introducing social media sites and tools to business people, I’ve found it helpful to group sites into categories based on what they do best and how a business or organization might find them useful. Here are the categories I use, and the strengths I see in each: Blogs and podcasts primarily value passion and interestingness. For business, they are … Read More

20 Presence Management Chores *for Business* You COULD Do Every Day

Photo credit: enviziondotnet A few weeks back, new media marketer extraordinaire Chris Brogan shared ideas and suggestions for maintaining a personal presence online. (“19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day“) The list is dense and ambitious, but the time you put into this kind of effort pays off. If you’re charged with maintaining the social media presence of … Read More

Livescribe on Twitter

This screen shot illustrates the conversations you could be starting with not only your existing customers, but also potential customers. With Twitter, Livescribe is participating in useful question and answer, ad they’re broadcasting their smart, user-centric product development to the public. Livescribe makes smartpens. The pens record what you hear while you write. Touch something you wrote and the pen … Read More

27 Twitter tips — not just for musicians anymore

From, “27 engaging Twitter tips for musicians” that are great advice for non-musicians as well — anyone hoping to use Twitter for professional or business purposes would benefit: 1. Have an objective What do you want to achieve? If you want to widen your fanbase by building a Twitter community around yourself, talk about making music and eventually try … Read More

Multitasking, online tools, and focus: your mileage may vary

Gina Trapani of Lifehacker muses on whether and how much the Web, email, and the like help or hurt personal productivity: Over the few years this site’s been in existence, studies have shown that email kills concentration more than smoking pot does, that you’ve got 11 minutes before the next interruption, that dual monitors increase productivity, that no one understands … Read More