Introducing the new Big Big Design


Launching a new website is exciting for everyone. There are cheers and congratulations, plans of posting news and blog entries, and promises of updating galleries and portfolios

And yet, in all the years I’ll been building websites (14 years!), I’ve seen relatively few companies and organizations work actively with their sites and keep them fresh and up-to-date after they’re launched. So many do nothing with the sites at all after launch — not adding even a single new photo.

This is no good. A website is only as interesting as it is current, and if we created it 6 years ago and updated only a few things since then, now it’s nowhere near current.

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How Google’s newest search ranking algorithm puts the focus on quality user experiences


This excellent video by SEOmoz explains, in everyday terms, how Google changed the way it ranks websites for search results, and how this affects your web strategy.


View original post and transcript: How Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever – Whiteboard Friday

I am a big fan of this new ranking philosophy and strategy, because it puts the focus of creating and maintaining websites on building sites that are interesting and valuable to their audiences, fun or at least easy to use, and well-made.

The more that Google and other search engines emphasize user experience, the harder it becomes for people to game the systems in the hope of getting big returns on low-quality web content.

Client site launch: EMC2


EMC2 Nutrition screenshotEMC2 Nutrition has a great product: protein powder they’ve specially created to provide clients with high-quality protein, using all-natural ingredients.

To sell it, they wanted a website that would explain what the product is, why it’s better than competing products, and how to use it in a healthy diet — all in a fun and friendly way.

We wanted the design of the site to be simple and clear. And we wanted to create visual interest throughout, to convey the essence of the product and to connect with a healthy audience. We felt it was important to avoid clichéd images of muscle-bound weight lifters.

We worked with ace illustrator Rachel Sager to create fun, light-hearted images for the key pages of the site. Julie Long wrote wonderful copy that conveys all the key information about the product and its benefits, and does it in an approachable and appealing style that’s perfect for the audience.

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