Taking great product and tutorial photos

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

Sample closeup photo with interesting background, from Photojojo
On the web, great photos make the difference between making a sale and losing it to another site. Photojojo offers excellent tips on taking good, clear, and engaging photos for online sales and online tutorials:


How to Shoot

  • Use a tripod even if you think you have enough light. When you’re taking photos of small objects, a little camera shake can end up blurring major details.
  • For small items, get in as close as you can. Make the viewer feel like they could reach out and touch it. Use the macro setting on your camera.

I’ve known about the lighting issues, but I need to use my tripods more often. If you’re looking for a good, highly portable tripod, check out the UltraPods (sold by my friend Keith Jackson’s company, Industrial Revolution). Perfect for tabletop use, or to get a nice timed photo while you’re out hiking.

(Photojojo link via Lifehacker.)