Thanks and Joy

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

Scrabble tiles spell out "be thankful" on a galvanized surface

As we approach the holiday season, the Shift team is taking a little time to share what brings us joy and makes us feel thankful — so many things, big and small.

Sara CoffeySara Coffey: I'm thankful for my community in Pittsburgh, and specifically the women around me and how they are always inspiring me!

I am thankful for my community in Pittsburgh, and the way they inspire and support me. Specifically the women around me who are constant source of inspiration.

Anthony Closkey Anthony Closkey: I'm joyful that teaching, learning, and my work are all 1 thing

Learning how random things work fills me with joy and there’s no better teacher than helping people solve the small puzzles they face throughout their day.

Megan McGregor Megan McGregor: I'm thankful for my new niece Daphne

I’m thankful for my new niece Daphne. It’s my first time being an aunt and it’s been amazing. You’ve probably already heard this but… she’s the cutest, sweetest little thing ever!!

Tim Colbert: I'm thankful that crossword puzzles are still a ThingTim Colbert

Family and friends top the list, but these bewitching puzzles follow hard upon. And have since I discovered The New York Times daily grid on my lunch hour back in ‘96.

Therese Joseph: I'm thankful for learning new thingsTherese Joseph

I am thankful for the ability to keeping learning new things. This past year, I decided to learn how to play the cello, the first instrument I’ve ever fully committed to mastering. Beyond gaining a new skill, learning the cello has expanded my understanding and appreciation for music, and in turn has introduced me to a whole new world that I was previously unaware of.

Andrew Gordon: I'm thankful for spell checkAndrew Gordon

When our spelling is perfect, it’s invisible. But when it’s flawed, it prompts strong negative associations.
—Marilyn vos Savant

Sarah Mayer: I'm thankful for laughterSarah Mayer

Oxford Dictionaries selected “toxic” as the word of the year. We’ve searched and used that word more than any other in 2018.

Indeed, in our part of the world, it’s been a hard year, most recently with the Tree of Life shooting that killed 11 and wounded several others. Out of such tragedy and despair, I believe, come moments of togetherness and even joy. We each have to process the toxic events that happen around us and to us in whatever way is best. For me, laughter provides a measure of healing.

I’m so thankful for the people in my life that make me laugh — my husband, my son, my dog, my coworkers, and myself. I laugh at myself all of the time.

This holiday season, I hope you find laughter and it heals you too.

Cynthia Closkey

What a lucky person I am! Every day, on all sorts of projects, I get to work with terrific clients and our amazing team at Shift.