The ultimate guide to bad web design

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

Funny and painfully true: twenty-eight tips for “How to Make the Worst Website

Creating a terrible website seems to be a common goal on the
internet. I’ve seen it accomplished many times, so I thought I’d make
it easier for everyone and post the ultimate guide.

From the time a visitor enters your site to the time they exit,
there are plenty of effective techniques to annoy them. So in this
article, I will identify 28 points to remember during a website
development and how to execute them properly. Feel free to bookmark
this and use it as a reference when you’re in the mood to frustrate

I can add a few tips:

29. Don’t provide any way for site visitors to contact you. Why should you bog yourself down with what they think?

30. List every page in the main menu. Long menus are exciting and give the site visitor many options — probably too many options to choose from. Give them the challenge of searching through everything you could think of! It’s like a word search puzzle on-screen.

(Link thanks to Coudal Partners’ Fresh Signals.)