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Last weekend I spoke at the monthly roundtable of the Pittsburgh Writing Project. My topic was Web Marketing for Writers — a subject close to my heart, both as a writer and as one who has helped many writers establish and maintain an online presence.

You can download the Powerpoint file here:  Web Marketing for Writers (PPT)

Or if you prefer a PDF: Web Marketing for Writers Presentation (PDF file)

(You’re free to use or adapt this presentation, but please attribute the content to me and Big Big Design, and link back to bigbigdesign.com.)

We had a fine discussion, with several members of the group offering tips from their own experience.

Tip for presenters: You will benefit greatly by having someone in the audience corroborate what you say and offer examples from a different and complementary perspective. In this talk, my unexpected collaborator was Paul Kelly, publisher at St. Lynn’s Press.

Paul’s perspective (I’m paraphrasing): Every writer who wants to be published must have a website — it’s required for credibility and for creating and building your marketing platform. As a publisher, he loves to see that a writer has developed an audience, and the web makes that possible. Show that you’ve got 5,000 or more web visitors a month, interested in what you have to say, and you’re much more likely to be offered a publishing contract.