Write here in Butler: New blog directory at ButlerBloggers.com

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral

The regional blog directory Pittsburgh Bloggers has been a success thus far: It’s a great resource for finding and staying up to date with bloggers in the Pittsburgh area. One of my main goals in helping to found it was discovering how many bloggers there are in the area, what they’re blogging about, how the region is adopting and changing this technology.

I’ve wondered the same things about blogging in Butler — my home town. So now, we’ve launched ButlerBloggers.

Like its sister site, it’s free to use, whether to list a blog or to search for sites. Any blog is eligible for inclusion if it’s written in Butler County or has close ties to this area. For example, the Butler, PA Blog is written in Germany by Butler native Charles Cingolani, and as its name indicates it focuses on this area — a perfect candidate for inclusion. We’d love to list more blogs of people who have moved from the area but stay in touch with family and friends here. And of course we want lots of content from people who live and work here, on any topic under the sun.
We’ve planned a few improvements: better aggregation and an improved aggregated feed; a tag cloud that will show at a glance what Butler is blogging about; a dynamic map that pinpoints where Butler blogs are published. But for now, it’s a great way to spread the word about your blog and to find new blogs to read.