What does it mean to be a sustainably-minded marketer?

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You might be thinking “sustainable marketing” — that’s an oxymoron. It seems unlikely that sustainability and marketing can coexist. Product companies use marketing to coax consumers to buy the things they make, and then the companies make more things, and consumers buy the things again. And so the cycle continues, and it doesn’t typically involve caring about the long-term health … Read More

Celebrating Women-Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

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Shift celebrates Pittsburgh women-owned businesses

Shift Collaborative is proud to be a women-owned business in Pittsburgh. To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, we are sharing this list of 12 women-owned businesses in Pittsburgh that we love. Shop small, shop local, and support women-owned businesses in the ‘burgh!

An Expo of Natural Products Shows What’s Right and Wrong with How We Consume

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Baltimore is known for all things crab legs, soft shell, soup, cakes and steamed. But for three days in September the “Charm City” played host to more than 1,500 other food options when the Natural Products Expo East set up shop in the city’s convention center a few hundred yards from Inner Harbor. The broad definition of the term “natural” … Read More

Do Good

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Do Good Shift Says

Most large corporations have a Community Relations or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department, which focuses on giving back to the communities where they do business, where their employees live and where their customers are. According to a Time Magazine article, in 2002 only about a dozen Fortune 500 companies issued a CSR or sustainability report. Now the majority does.  Some companies … Read More

Morning in East Liberty

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The morning started out like any other day, alarm goes off, shower, breakfast, etc. But as I pulled into my parking spot and gathered up my computer bag, coffee mug and lunch a song that I love came on the radio.