Marketing Shifted. Now what…

Sarah MayerCommunications, Marketing Strategy

Due to the emergence of digital media (i.e. social media, blogging, video, online reviews, etc) marketing is shifting almost daily. Traditional marketing channels have gone digital.  Buying has gone social.  Experiences with new and current customers are happening online first before the real-world.  As a business, organization or professional it’s important to take a thoughtful look at the best way to adapt to all this evolution.

Shift Your Thinking

  • Re-evaluate your marketing and communications PLAN – does your plan address new media channels?  If not, then it’s time to dust it off and study the channels where your target audience is hanging out. Or it might be time to create a new plan from scratch. By the way, we would recommend looking at your marketing plan regularly and adapting as your market and business needs change.
  • Devise realistic and measurable GOALS that align with your business or organizational direction.  Goals keep you on track and accountable.  They help us measure what is working and what is not. Want more on setting goals, read about using data to set your goals.
  • Identify what TECHNOLOGY updates you might need to put in place – such as a responsive website, analytics tracking, creative assets, a content hub (blog/article area).
  • SHARE your goals and strategy with stakeholders.  Bringing employees, customers, and partners into the fold, helps build a connection to the vision.  Engaged team members will want to bring in new customers with you.

Shift in business is inevitable.  How you respond to change, makes all the difference.  We want to hear from you.  What’s the biggest shift your business has seen in the last year?