Personalize Marketing with the Users in Mind

Stephanie SunMarketing Strategy

User experiencing personalized marketing on devices

Personalized marketing is a useful marketing strategy that effectively uses data to create tailored user experiences on various channels. The concept of personalized marketing is not new, but it is changing marketing to improve the customer experience and making businesses more profitable.

What does it mean to be a sustainably-minded marketer?

Sarah MayerDo Good, Marketing Strategy

sustainability in marketing image with maze font

You might be thinking “sustainable marketing” — that’s an oxymoron. It seems unlikely that sustainability and marketing can coexist. Product companies use marketing to coax consumers to buy the things they make, and then the companies make more things, and consumers buy the things again. And so the cycle continues, and it doesn’t typically involve caring about the long-term health … Read More

Paid Search: Tools for Finding the Right Keywords

Kelly CurrieMarket Research, Marketing Strategy, PPC


Heading into the holiday season online visibility is top of mind for store owners. Consumers will be doing their gift buying mostly online this year, so being in tune with user search behavior can make a big impact for a paid search campaign. Here are some recommended tools to help get you aligned for success!

Marketing Shifted. Now what…

Sarah MayerCommunications, Marketing Strategy

Due to the emergence of digital media (i.e. social media, blogging, video, online reviews, etc) marketing is shifting almost daily. Traditional marketing channels have gone digital.  Buying has gone social.  Experiences with new and current customers are happening online first before the real-world.  As a business, organization or professional it’s important to take a thoughtful look at the best way … Read More

Let’s Create a Manifesto!

Cynthia CloskeyCommunications, Marketing Strategy

Generating ideas

Maybe you’ve been told you’re not a special snowflake, but actually you are. You are a special snowflake. Each of us is special and unique. Each of our companies or organizations is unique, with a certain way we look at the world and our market and ourselves. But when the world looks at us, we rarely look unique. We all blend … Read More

The Right Marketing Mix

Sarah MayerMarketing Strategy

One of the hardest thing for companies to figure out is what amount of resources to devote to which marketing channels – what is the right marketing mix?

Food Psychology: Details can Alter Taste Perception

Shift CollaborativeMarket Research, Marketing Strategy


by Shift Fellow, Justina Eng When we enjoy a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, it isn’t just the food that makes it “fancy”— the candlelit ambience, crisp white linen, shiny silverware, thick ceramic plates, and elegant glassware not only enhance and heighten your restaurant experience, but also the taste of your dish. These seemingly insignificant details play an important … Read More

Social media. What's all the fuss about?

Sarah MayerMarketing Strategy, Social media

If you’re not using social media for your company right now, maybe you have a reason.  Possibly it’s because you haven’t had the time. Maybe you just don’t see how social media can impact your company. Maybe you haven’t been wowed by the results.  In this article, we will show you some extreme examples that hopefully will ‘wow’ you with … Read More

Measure ROI with Website Analytics

Sarah MayerMarketing Strategy, Measurement


More so, organizations need to have control of their website to make frequent content updates and analytics installed to measure those efforts. Tools like Google Analytics have revolutionized monitoring what is happening on your website.