Client site launch: J Compton Gallery

Jean Compton deals in folk art, Americana, and antique rags dolls and toys, and she needed a website that would show off the items she finds. For each item, she wanted to be able to show a few views, along with a description. We worked with her to create a design and color palette for the site that would best … Read More

Client site launch: EMC2

EMC2 Nutrition has a great product: protein powder they’ve specially created to provide clients with high-quality protein, using all-natural ingredients. To sell it, they wanted a website that would explain what the product is, why it’s better than competing products, and how to use it in a healthy diet — all in a fun and friendly way. We wanted the … Read More

Client site launch:

Some years back, we designed a site for The Atrium, a unique wedding and banquet center in Butler, PA. That site served them well for a few years. Last year they decided they wanted to make greater use of the web in their marketing — blogs, more photo galleries, and so on. We worked with them to design a new … Read More

Client site launch: The Foxburg Inn

The Foxburg Inn is a lovely and comfortable hotel in Foxburg, PA, near the junction of Butler, Armstrong, and Clarion Counties. It’s perched on the Allegheny River; the views from the river rooms and the outdoor deck are beautiful. We were invited to redo the inn’s website, to make it easy for staff to manage and more useful to guests. … Read More

Client site launch: Jonlor Developments

Jonlor Developments is a custom builder and architectural firm based in the Pittsburgh area. The president, John Rizzi, wanted a website that would showcase the beautiful homes they’ve built through a photo gallery. John had a clear idea of how the homepage of the site should look: a full-page photo of a Jonlor home that’s styled like a French chalet, … Read More

Client site launch:

Kathie Shoop’s blog Housewife Cafe was one of the first blogs we built, back in 2005. Kathie has been blogging ever since, as well as continuing to write fiction and publish articles in various places. As her writing has taken a new direction, she felt her blog was ready for a new look and a new name. The new name … Read More

Client site launch: Christy Rippel

Last week we launched the website of Christy Rippel, a talented copywriter and PR specialist. This was a fun site to build — and not only because Christy is a fun person to work with. The visual look was intended to reflect Christy’s friendly personality, but still convey her professionalism. She suggested a slightly retro look, inspired by 70s color … Read More