Why be social?

I spoke on a panel for Leadership Butler County today, talking about social media. This is a great panel every year, with Joe Taylor of Armstrong and Keith Graham of the Butler Eagle each talking about their respective media. You can download my presentation as a Keynote file or a PDF with presenter notes. Feel free to use and share; … Read More

Social media and grieving, changing norms

Last week I was quoted in an article about social media and grieving, “A time to tweet? Sharing personal experiences on social media,” by Jenny Wagner in the Beaver Valley Times (subscription required). Cynthia Closkey, president of web communication firm Big Big Design, said everyone has his or her own level of comfort for sharing personal experiences online. “I have a … Read More

Finding Your Voice: Post Workshop Materials

Vine of cardsorting exercise courtesy E.Louis Larson What a lot of good discussion and hands-on work we had at the Finding Your Voice: A Social Media Content Development Workshop, hosted by HandsOn Tech, part of Pittsburgh Cares, and Google Pittsburgh. I hope you found the presentation and the card sorting exercise helpful, and I hope you’re inspired to take what … Read More

Finding Your Voice: A Social Media Content Development Workshop


Are you a registered Pittsburgh nonprofit that wants to connect your mission with your audience through social media?  Do you want to engage on Twitter or Facebook, but you’re not quite sure what to say? Join Big Big Design’s own Cynthia Closkey for a content development workshop hosted by HandsOn Tech Pittsburgh and Google Pittsburgh.  HandsOn Tech, part of PittsburghCares, was … Read More

Blog Syndication Refresher

With the impending demise of Google Reader, I decided it was time to check my personal blog syndication setup to make sure my posts were being pushed to my favorite social media outlets.

What’s new in “New Media” in 2012?

On Friday I spoke on a panel about Media, to the current class of Leadership Butler County. My topic was “New Media,” though when you think about it, the Web has been around for a couple of decades so it’s not so very new any more. Here’s the presentation I gave: What's new in "New Media" in 2012 from Big … Read More

Blogging and the virtual neighborhood

Blogs are front porches reinvented for a digital age, perhaps—platforms that take the inside out and bring the outside in, corridors of courtesy in a digital and fast-paced world. Kathryn McCollough considers the role of porches in community life, and whether blogs might be a form of virtual porch. (Thanks to Chris at gunky.org for linking to this thoughtful post.) People often … Read More