What to do now that Facebook won’t let you force people to like your page

The folks at ShortStack — a service that helps you create apps and interesting things on Facebook Pages — have some excellent thoughts on what Facebook’s decision to ban fan-gating on Pages, and tips for how to adjust your Page. At ShortStack we have over 350,000 customers, all of whom are Facebook Page Admins. I’m always analyzing the data from … Read More

Adding a Facebook Like button to your WordPress site

Adding a Facebook “Like” button to your WordPress site is a great way to connect socially with your audience and to drive traffic to and from your site and your Facebook page.  This post will cover two ways to add a “Like” button to your site, and each requires a Facebook App ID and an Admin ID. There are a … Read More

Blog Syndication Refresher

With the impending demise of Google Reader, I decided it was time to check my personal blog syndication setup to make sure my posts were being pushed to my favorite social media outlets.

“Always take a personal approach,” and other great advice for using Facebook

“Facebook demands consideration from nearly everyone, because choosing to stay off it means stepping away from the social sharing and conversation of 800+ million people. Yet choosing to play the game as an author or marketer—and use Facebook as a means to an end—can spell immediate failure if your friends and followers feel used.” E-media guru Jane Friedman summarizes five … Read More

Six degrees of separation and your privacy settings

Related to my post yesterday about Facebook’s privacy settings: danah boyd posted in more detail about the implications of Facebooks privacy (“Facebook and ‘radical transparency’“). These two paragraphs convey the problem I often see in which people haven’t thought through the implications of the “network” part of social networks: A while back, I was talking with a teenage girl about … Read More

How to simplify your privacy on Facebook (and everywhere else on the web)

Yesterday the New York Times made a noble attempt to map Facebook’s new, super-complicated privacy settings, via a few well-designed graphics and an accompanying article (“The Price of Facebook Privacy? Start Clicking,” by Nick Bilton, 5/12/2010). The new opt-out settings certainly are complex. Facebook users who hope to make their personal information private should be prepared to spend a lot … Read More

Results versus hype: can small businesses realize value from social media?

An article in the Wall Street Journal last week (“Entrepreneurs Question Value of Social Media,” Sarah E. Needleman, WSJ 3/15/2010) said that a recent study showed that small firms were having mixed results in their use of social media. In and among the survey results, the article gives several examples of companies seeing a positive ROI on their social media … Read More

FAQ: Should my organization create a Facebook Page or Facebook Group?

Q: I’m on the leadership team of a nonprofit, and we want to use Facebook to connect with potential donors and volunteers. Should we create a Page or a Group? A: If you’re creating the official presence of an entity on Facebook — whether an organization or a business — you should create a Page. Here’s how Facebook describes the … Read More

20 Presence Management Chores *for Business* You COULD Do Every Day

Photo credit: enviziondotnet A few weeks back, new media marketer extraordinaire Chris Brogan shared ideas and suggestions for maintaining a personal presence online. (“19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day“) The list is dense and ambitious, but the time you put into this kind of effort pays off. If you’re charged with maintaining the social media presence of … Read More