PR Part 2: The Social Frontier

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by Therese Joseph, Shift PR Fellow As public relations professionals, it is our job to monitor and manage the reputations of the businesses we represent.  Traditionally, this was managed by working with media outlets to spread positive press about the businesses.  While these tactics are still employed, research shows that people trust the opinion of a friend over advertising and … Read More

Six Incredible Cave Drawings of Kittens at Play

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Article by Tim Colbert, public relations director at Shift Collaborative While every generation thinks they invented sex, I’m starting to worry that a lot of our younger marketing and PR peers feel that they’ve invented communication. I blame social media. Kids, I’ve got a message for you — social media is the latest but by no means the last in … Read More

Five Reasons to Attend Podcamp 2014

Sarah MayerCommunity, SEO, Social media


by Sarah Mayer You may not be familiar with Podcamp, so let me start there.  Podcamp is by its own description is an ‘un-conference’ although it does have some of those familiar conference components. Podcamp in Pittsburgh has been around for eight years and while the conference was started around podcasting, it has evolved each year to add on more … Read More

Social media. What's all the fuss about?

Sarah MayerMarketing Strategy, Social media

If you’re not using social media for your company right now, maybe you have a reason.  Possibly it’s because you haven’t had the time. Maybe you just don’t see how social media can impact your company. Maybe you haven’t been wowed by the results.  In this article, we will show you some extreme examples that hopefully will ‘wow’ you with … Read More

Dear Facebook friend: Don’t expect me to manage your online privacy for you

Cynthia CloskeyGeneral, Social media

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to Facebook notifying you that a friend has tagged you in a photo with your ex- from three relationships ago with the caption “True love 4evah!”  Or perhaps you’ve been tagged in the comments of a post that’s become uncomfortably political.  Or maybe your friend’s recent post to your timeline is an … Read More

FAQ: Should my organization create a Facebook Page or Facebook Group?

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Q: I’m on the leadership team of a nonprofit, and we want to use Facebook to connect with potential donors and volunteers. Should we create a Page or a Group? A: If you’re creating the official presence of an entity on Facebook — whether an organization or a business — you should create a Page. Here’s how Facebook describes the … Read More